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Workshop in Guidelines for Hairdressers when dealing with clients with Scalp Psoriasis

On March 9th, an enlightening event unfolded at WorQ Coworking Space, where hairdressers gathered to learn crucial guidelines for handling scalp psoriasis. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Moonyza Akmal from Hospital Kuala Lumpur for her invaluable contribution in delivering a specialist talk at the scalp psoriasis workshop.

Dr.Moonyza’a speech shed light on various aspects of psoriasis, offering essential awareness to the audience. Additionally, the "Real Life Experience & Sharing" segment featured Psoriasis warriors Mr. Nizam and Ms. Joyce, whose journeys inspired us all. Their journey and determination showcased how individuals can overcome and thrive despite battling this autoimmune disease.

The workshop proved to be a resounding success, with participants benefitting from breakout sessions led by Dr. Raoul, Dr. Thiru, and Ms. Sofia. These sessions provided practical knowledge and fostered meaningful discussions on best practices for addressing scalp psoriasis.

The event left attendees feeling informed and equipped to provide exceptional support to clients grappling with scalp psoriasis. We express our sincere appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of our first event of the year.

As an association dedicated to serving the psoriasis community, we remain committed to our mission. We urge our supporters to continue standing by us as we endeavor to make a positive impact and offer valuable resources to those affected by psoriasis. Together, we can create a more supportive and inclusive environment for individuals battling this condition.

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