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High Fives

About Us

We are the leading national organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with psoriasis in Malaysia.  We are a registered non-profit organisation founded in 1987 and managed by a handful of volunteers, most of whom are Psoriatic patients. PAM is funded by public donations, membership dues and grants from friends in the pharmaceutical industry.

We are served by a Medical Advisor who is a practicing dermatologist.

PAM’s 3 key objectives are:


Increasing awareness of psoriasis;  



Educating people with psoriasis about their condition and empowering them with the tools to cope with and manage the disease. 


Provide counselling, advise, morale support and friendship through our network and references to direct sufferers to the right health care providers. 

Our Core Team (2023-2025)

Dr K Thiruchelvam

Deputy President:

Ms Sofia Lovi Ramasamy


Ms Patrina Tang Pui Yee


Mr Ananthan Rajarethnam


Committee Members:        

Dr Raoul Sibert
Ms Arif Nagadevan (Asst. Treasurer)
Ms Kamala Ponmugam
Mr Neeraj

Ms Vennila Ponmugam (Asst. Secretary)

Mr Kendrick Lee


Special Projects:              

Ms Aaliya Tan
Mr Dominic Wong
Mr Alvin Wong

Medical Advisor:
Dr Azura Binti Mohd Affandi

Partner Organisations

Notable Milestones

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