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🎉 Introducing "Beyond the Surface, a Psoriasis Podcast" -  by Psoriasis Association Malaysia! 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new podcast, "Beyond the Surface, a Psoriasis oPdcast"! This podcast is dedicated to exploring the deeper stories behind psoriasis, shedding light on personal experiences, medical insights, and the latest advancements in treatment and care.

🔎 What to Expect:

Inspiring Stories: Hear from individuals living with psoriasis and their journeys.

Expert Insights: Interviews with dermatologists, researchers, and healthcare professionals.

Latest Research: Updates on new treatments, therapies, and innovations in psoriasis care.

Community Support: Tips on managing psoriasis and improving quality of life.

📲 Stay Connected:

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube for updates and episode releases.

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