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I Have Psoriasis 

Psoriasis is a chronic life-long condition. How do you manage your condition for the long term? Are you getting the best medical treatment? 

You may have been living with Psoriasis for a while or a substantial time.

Medical advancement in the understanding of Psoriasis has come a long way and continues to advance.

Psoriasis has been accepted as an autoimmune condition (CDC) or immune-mediated condition rather than just a skin condition.

After speaking to may volunteers and members, we understand that the following topics are important and frequently discussed:

What are the important things I need to know, to ensure I'm managing my Psoriasis condition well?

As Psoriasis causes inflammation of your skin and possibly may spread to other parts of the body, arming yourself with the right knowledge about your condition, will immensely help you engage and work with your care team (especially medical professionals) to manage your condition.


3 out of 10 psoriasis patients will develop Psoriatic Arthritis.

Arming yourself with the proper medical evidence-based knowledge will help you:

a) Ensure your psoriasis condition does not get worse

b) To delay or stop or minimise other related illness onset (called comorbidities). The longer you live with an autoimmune condition, the chances of other conditions may develop. Comorbidities among psoriasis patients is a reality. The association’s aim is to ensure Malaysia patients are aware if the realities. We are also having constant dialogues with the health authorities and NGOs concerning Malaysia psoriasis patients.

c) To have a good quality of life by lessening the burden on disease


To know if you are up-to-date with sufficient knowledge to manage living with Psoriasis, we have prepared a quick quiz below to test your knowledge about managing and living with Psoriasis.

Writing on Sofa

Test your level of Psoriasis self care

Can you:


  • List a least 5 different types of treatments for Psoriasis available in Malaysia that you could consider. For answers click here.


  • List at least 10 different types of related illness for Psoriasis patients and do you know what they are? For answers click here.

I'm Struggling To Manage My Psoriasis Condition

If you are experiencing any of the following situations, you are not alone. We have provided the following information to help you.


Flares up

Having a flare up or if you have reached a stage where your Psoriasis is getting worse is a normal part of living with Psoriasis. Perhaps you need to seek out a new treatment. Perhaps you need to find ways to reduce inflammation. We recommend that you see your doctor to discuss the options available. 


Financial difficulty in paying for treatment

Depending on the type of treatment or severity of your psoriasis stage, here are a list of options available to fund your psoriasis treatment.


My treatment is not working

You may want to seek out a second opinion (seek another doctor) on finding treatment options to manage your psoriasis. Click here to find a dermatologist.

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